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We are Mumbai based loan providers exclusively for Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane Region, helping the clients by providing them valuable information on all types of retail loans available, like Personal Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan, Loan Against Property etc. Since our inception in the year 2005 we are constantly striving to provide our clients the best loan deals in Mumbai. We have successfully disbursed more than a thousand retail loans. At Loans Mumbai customer satisfaction and retention is above all and our dedicated staff member takes care of individual loan needs.

Loans Mumbai is associated with the best financial institutions active in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, namely Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, DHFL Bank, Reliance Finance, Tata Capital, Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank etc. Our aim is to provide fast and hassle free loans in Mumbai.

To avail the information, all that needs to be done is to fill up the application form available on our website. One of our loan advisers will get in touch with you with range of loan quotes just go through them and choose the one that best suits your financial requirements.

So if you are a Salaried, Business Person or a Professional, loans fitting your state of affairs might be just a click away & do not worry about the paperwork, will come to you and help you with all the paperwork.

Application Process in Loans in Mumbai

  • Fill up the application form on our website
  • We call you up - let you know the quotes, Terms & Conditions of leading bank, will also mail you the same on the      email address provided.
  • We mail you the List of Documents required with your "Loan" Application.
  • After you finalize the lending bank we fix up an appointment with you for form signing & documents collection.
  • After your confirmation & appointment we collect the documents.
  • In our office the documents are scrutinized & the application form is filled up. If there are any pending documents &      queries we would convey you the same, would appreciate your revert on the same at the earliest.
  • Once the file is completed in all respects it is logged in with the bank.
  • The Bank then does it process i.e: Documents scrutinize, CIBIL check, Physical verification of Residence & Office,      then the file then heads to the Credit team for sanction. If there are any discrepancies they are conveyed to the      customer, it is expected that the customer resolves them at the earliest.
  • The case is then Sanctioned or Rejected on the basis of its merit & banks parameters.
  • In case of the loan application being rejected the same is conveyed to the customer.
  • In case of sanction the customer needs to sign the loan agreement with the bank & give security deposit cheques      as per the bank's policy also fulfill all the requirements laid down in the sanction letter
  • The signed loan agreement & the security cheques are then submitted to the bank for disbursement.
  • The bank then issues the loan cheque in the name of the customer, the turnaround time for the issue of the cheque      after submission of the loan agreement & security deposit cheque is appx. 48 hrs.

We would be the ultimate destination for Personal Loan, Home Loan and Mortgage Loan. Our trained staff would take care of all the documentation, application and other formalities. We hope that your association with Loans Mumbai will be fruitful and satisfactory.

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